ITC papers at ISIT 2014

ITC members have presented the following papers at the 2014 IEEE International Symposium on Information Theory, Honolulu, USA.

J. Scarlett, A. Martinez, and A. Guillén i Fàbregas"The Saddlepoint Approximation: Unified Random Coding Asymptotics for Fixed and Varying Rates"

J. Scarlett, and V. Y. F. Tan"Second-Order Asymptotics for the Gaussian MAC with Degraded Message Sets"

I. Bocharova, A. Guillén i Fàbregas, B. Kudryashov, A. Martinez, A. Tauste Campo, and G. Vazquez-Vilar, "Source-Channel Coding with Multiple Classes"

J. Guo, M. Qin, A. Guillén i Fàbregas, and P. Siegel"Enhanced Belief Propagation Decoding of Polar Codes through Concatenation"

J. Scarlett, A. Martinez, and A. Guillén i Fàbregas"Mismatched Multi-letter Successive Decoding for the Multiple-Access Channel"

J. Scarlett"On The Dispersion of Dirty Paper Coding"