Coding for Wireless Broadband Mobile Networks

Australian Competitive Grant, University of South Australia, 2005

Future wireless communication networks will need to support extremely high data rates in order to meet the rapidly growing demand for broadband applications such as high quality audio and video. Existing wireless communications technologies such as third generation cellular telephony and 802.11 wireless local area networks cannot support broadband data rates (of the order of hundreds of millions of bits per second) due to their sensitivity to severe wireless channel impairments such as the time-varying attenuation caused by user mobility. To make things even more difficult, there are limited resources such as the available frequency bandwidth, allowable transmission power and computational ability of portable devices. These difficulties may be overcome by designing clever data coding schemes (i.e. data transmission systems) specially suited for the wireless channel. In this project, we will develop new low-complexity high-performance coding schemes suitable for implementation in wireless broadband communication networks.